In today’s quest to find customers, businesses are using a variety of means to attract attention and to improve their brand. As technology has become a part of everyday life more than ever before, both small and large businesses are turning to video as a way to get their message out.

Why Video is Important to Business

Customers are visual. When customers sit down in front of a computer screen or turn on a tablet, they are immediately bombarded with words and images. Studies show that people will often watch a video without knowing the contents, as opposed to reading an ad without visuals.

When a business uses video to promote a product or service, it remains in the short-term memory far longer than a print ad or even radio advertising. At the same time, linking a video to a social network means that groups of people will be exposed to the business that might never have heard of it.

The Cost of Video

Making a video for a business does not have to be an expensive proposition. In fact, with nothing more than a smartphone that records video and an Internet connection, a short video can be created and posted to a site such as YouTube in a matter of minutes. If a business wants to create professional videos, there are different providers who can help them reach that goal.

Structuring the Videos

If a business wants to use video to improve brand awareness and sales, the best route is to go with a series of short videos, usually under two minutes. The first video should be an introduction to the business, with follow-up videos highlighting various products and services.

Businesses will often make short videos dealing with subjects related to their specialty. For example, a hardware store might make a short video showing different ways that a homeowner can protect pipes from freezing in winter weather. Interested viewers might then contact the business for more information or to buy one or more of the products used in the video.

Using Local Talent

Sometimes, businesses are reluctant to use their own personnel in videos. That isn’t a problem. Going to local community colleges will often reveal a wealth of inexpensive talent that can do everything from produce and direct a short video to act in that video. There are also individuals available who can help a business market the videos on the different social networks, often at reasonable prices.

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