For mass communications, businesses use e-mail marketing as a cost-effective way to engage with subscribers and promote their products and services. E-mail marketing involves potential or current customers subscribing to e-mails sent by businesses that suggest a call to action to benefit their business and inform consumers with updates and promotions. Here are reasons why small and medium businesses should engage in e-mail marketing to communicate with subscribers:

Advantages of e-mail marketing

  • It is less time and resource demanding to use mass e-mail messages than to use mass paper mailings.
  • Designing and formatting an e-mail or newsletter for marketing purposes is quicker than paper mailings or media advertisements.
  • E-mail marketing campaigns can be easily adjusted and reformatted to suit consumer trends and preferences.

Reach a willing audience with e-mail marketing

  • Since Internet users willingly subscribe to businesses' mass communications, they are more likely to reach their targeted audience.
  • In order to reach an audience, businesses must first include an option for Internet users to subscribe to emails, indicating that they choose to receive e-mail marketing or newsletters.
  • Using the ability to send mass e-mails, engage in e-mail marketing campaigns to promote products and services to a willing audience and draw subscribers to a company's main website.

Draw subscribers to your main website and brand

  • Within e-mails, include links to the company's main website and blog to draw readers to its sites.
  • Summarize the content usually displayed on a company's websites in e-mails so subscribers get an idea of what keywords to search for in search engines to find that business.
  • Since emails are easily shared, subscribers can forward content or promotions to others.

Promote your social media networks

  • There are similar advantages to social media networks as e-mail marketing as businesses can reach out to a mass and targeted audience while promoting their brand.
  • Within marketing e-mails, include links to the social networking accounts of a business to increase its number of followers and readers.
  • Sign up for social networking sites because they are some of the world's most visited sites and it is now standard for businesses to use this platform to market themselves.

Incite subscribers with a call to action

  • To ensure e-mails are used for marketing purposes effectively, businesses include a call to action, a strong suggestion that will benefit a business.
  • A call to action can include learning about a product ("Learn more about our new line of jewelry") or taking advantage of a sale or promotion ("Buy now for free shipping").
  • Inciting subscribers with a call to action encouragers subscribers to take valuable action to increase a business's profit.

Inform subscribers of your company's updates

  • E-mail campaigns allow businesses to reach targeted audiences and market to subscribers while knowing they are providing them with relevant information about their business.
  • By informing e-mail subscribers with updates on new products and services, this can generate buzz and interest before releases and drive future sales.
  • Increase consumer confidence in your brand by detailing your company's successes in your e-mail marketing.

Analyze your e-mail marketing data

  • As e-mails are sent electronically, businesses automatically gather data from these e-mails to gain insight on subscriber behavior, such as which call to action or content is the most popular with subscribers.
  • Businesses can gather valuable data such as the percentage of subscribers who opened the email, how many subscribers clicked on links embedded within the email or took part in a promotion or sale.
  • The data obtained from e-mail marketing campaigns provide businesses with a way to analyze this information and make future mass messages more effective in promoting their brand.
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