When a businesses wants to design or redesign their website for eCommerce, it's very important that they pick the proper platform. Choosing one that will be able to support their existing product base as well as incorporating new products in the future.

Print & Web People uses Magento for the majority of our eCommerce sites. Magento is a powerful, scaleable and endlessly customizeable. Here are some of the features that make Print & Web Peopel and Magento stand out above the rest when it comes to eCommerce.

A PWP Magento site offers total control over the front and back end of the website. The store is customizeable to suit each client individually. Using the Magento platform as a base, we build a custom eCommerce site around it and deliver the best possible customer experience. Our technical knowledge allows us to make things easy for the client to manage day-to-day operations while relieving the stress of having to know endless technical information.

The Magento template system allows the site design to be changed completely in a very short period of time, without affecting the fuction of the shopping cart system, or the product list. This allows us to complete work on your site with minimal down time and loss of revenue.

Magento is very scalable. Nomatter if your business is selling a handful of products to several thousand, the webstore can handle it. It can easily support the needs of large enterprise level companies all the way down to small businesses.

Magento has a extensive library of add-ons and extensions that increase the breadth of a site's functionality. By default Magento supports SSL encryption, PayPal integration and credit card processing through Authorize.net. Options for integrating shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS and FedEx are common additions.

When it comes to designing your custom eCommerce website, look no further than Print & Web People.

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