What Are AdWords Message Extensions?

Message extensions, like all other ad extensions, can show alongside an advertiser’s ads on the search engine ranking page, generally making them larger and more feature-rich while increasing the click through ratio. When users click on a message extension or icon, the phone's SMS app should launch and send a text to you. When creating a messaging ad, you can add a default message for users to submit that still allows them to edit it before sending. If you can target your client's needs you are more likely to get a text.

This is an extremely valuable lead generation source: up until now, the quickest call-to-action response has been Click-To-Call. This is great if the prospective customer is on their own and has the time to talk with your sales staff. What happens if they’re out with the kids, or shopping with their friends, or spouse? Even with the constant use of smartphones, it is still considered bad manners to ignore friends and family to make a telephone call. If the person leaves the call untill later, your opportunity is lost and perhaps they will forget to call. Now, with Click-To-Text, they can click on your ad, and take just a moment to send your business an SMS. 

The extensions can be programmed to display during particular times of the day, say when you have a sales person ready for an immediate response. Alternatively, you’ll be able to set up automated responses, out of business hours, thus capturing the lead and promising to have a human person respond ASAP.

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