As you review your 2013 budget for marketing your business, you are probably wondering what the most effective and affordable way to advertise for your company is. Although billboards and television advertisements are a nice thought, they are typically not a practical solution for small to medium sized businesses. So how can you reach the masses with information on your products and services without overspending? One of the best ways to advertise your company is by customizing and distributing a number of customized promotional items to your customers and potential clients.

Six Ways to Advertise Your Business with Promotional Products

  1. Keychains - Do you want to be sure that you have a constant presence in your customer's thoughts? Custom keychains are a nice gift to provide your clients with. Their functionality and practicality will increase the likelihood that they will be utilized on a daily basis, providing a constant reminder of your business.
  2. Flash Drives - One highly practical promotional product that you can extend to your consumers is a flash or thumbnail drive. Everyone can make use of these handy devices for storing important computer documents, transferring files, and more. When your business name, logo, and information is clearly printed on the side of the drive, you will always be on the minds of your customers.
  3. Pens - Everybody needs a good pen, and this low-cost form of promoting your business is a great way to reach tons of people who are in need of the types of goods and services that you have to offer. Pens often get passed from hand-to-hand as people accidentally lose them or inadvertently take them from a cash register. The more people that come into contact with one of your pens, the more potential there is for new business as prospective clients will remember your name when they are in need of the services that you can provide.
  4. Envelope Openers - Creating customized office supplies is another smart way to promote your business. Most office employees will use envelope openers on a daily basis, and many individuals also utilize these tools at home. By having your company information printed on the face of the envelope opener, you can ensure that your clients and prospective clients will see your advertisement each day.
  5. Magnets - There is nothing quite like a visual reminder of your business, and distributing custom magnets to your customers is a great way to earn your own prominent spot in the homes of your clients. Each time these individuals go to their refrigerator or pull a document from their metal filing cabinet, they will be reminded to schedule their next service appointment, or of the fact that there is someone they can call when they need a solution to their problems and/or needs.
  6. Koozies - A fun way to promote your company is by having custom can koozies printed up and distributed to clients. Koozies are extremely convenient for insulating an ice cold beer or soda while on the go, during the big game, or for a day on the beach. The best part is that a koozie is usually used in a social situation which means that friends and family of your clients will be able to see your advertisement whenever it is in use.

Never underestimate the power of offering customized promotional products to your customers. In addition to making them feel appreciated, you are also creating a subtle way of reminding them of your goods and services and effectively reaching potential new clients. Happy advertising!

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