How often do potential customers pass by your place of business without ever knowing that you are there, or about the services you could offer to them? There is absolutely no reason for any lost business opportunities due to lack of signage. So what's the solution? One of the most affordable and effective methods for attracting attention to your business is through the creation and display of custom yard signs. A simple, eye catching yard sign can go a long way in boosting your business this year. Here's how:


  • Yard signs draw attention to your business - The most obvious benefit to having custom yard signs printed for your company is that they will draw more attention to you. Whereas before, you were just another unit in the local strip mall or an indistinct brick building on the corner of Main Street, now passersby will be aware of your presence and will be curious to learn more about your business. For best results, your custom yard sign should feature an eye-popping color scheme that will attract interest without being difficult for people to read. Use large, bold fonts to display your company name, mention your services, and add a phone number, suite number (for strip malls), address, or website. You can even incorporate a Facebook or Twitter icon so that your potential clients can look you up on their social networking sights. In addition to attracting new patrons to your business, your signs will also serve as a reminder to previous customers of their positive experience with you as they pass by your building, inspiring repeat business or recommendations to friends.
  • Yard signs display the services that you offer - Maybe your prospective clients have seen your business, but were not sure what exactly you have to offer. A yard sign is an easy and effective way to announce your services and/or products so that all those in need of them can take advantage of your offerings. Don't clutter up your sign with needless details about every single one of your services - a simple statement or bullet list will do the trick. On top of letting the masses know what you can do for them, utilizing yard signs are also a fantastic way to let the world know of any special promotions, sales, or deals that your company has going on so that you can draw in more business. You can let your consumers know how long your sale will run, how much they could save, or make mention of special seasonal promotions that they need to take advantage of right now. In this way, you can create a sense of urgency with your signs and expect a jump in sales - a significant return on a very small investment in signage.
  • Yard signs are portable and very convenient - Another great advantage to using yard signs to advertise your business and its specials is that they are portable and mobile. Because of this, it is easy to utilize the signs at various branches of your company, or to re-use them. If your company has a three-day sale every year, you can easily store away the sign at the end of the promotion and re-use it again next year in order to get the most out of your investment. Portability is also important for business who do not have an office location. Those who work out of the home can easily post signs at busy intersections or even in their own front yard to alert the public to their presence.

You'll be amazed at what a great yard sign can do for your company!

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