When you need a way to advertise your business in a big way but don't have a colossal budget, you may be left feeling defeated. How can you hope to compete with larger scale operations when you don't have much cash to put into a marketing campaign? Fortunately, there is a way for you to get your name out to the masses without going bankrupt. Professional, fully customizable business banners are one of the most versatile and effective modes of advertising for companies of any size and in any scenario.

Feeling skeptical about the results that banners can deliver? Take a look at the results of a study conducted by Golf Industries, Inc. After installing banners in 45 established, independent businesses across the US, first-time customers were surveyed to find out how they learned about the company. A whopping 54% of the surveyed consumers stated that they found about about the business when they saw the banner. The best part is that there are many varieties of banners that you can choose from in order to help enhance your business and draw in new customers. Here's a closer look at some of your options.

  • Outdoor Banners - The first step to amping up your business is by getting noticed. Hanging large, attractive banners that are durable and weatherproof outside of your company is a great investment that will continue to pay you back again and again. Whether you simply want to alert consumers who are driving or walking past your place of business to your presence, or if you would like to announce a major event (ie: a sale or promotion, announcement of new management, etc) you will be able to convey the message to countless individuals who will instantly learn who you are and what you have to offer them. If you would like to establish a more permanent banner for outside of your business, you may want to think about purchasing a banner frame which will keep it even more solid and sturdy.
  • Window Banners - If you don't have the space or the option of setting up a banner outside of your business, you can still attract consumers by utilizing window banners. These types of signs are ideal for places where window shopping is popular, such as the mall or downtown districts. A banner hanging in the window can announce special sales events, indicating the amount of days that consumers have to act on discounts, and how much money they could be saving. This can be extremely compelling for shoppers can can yield higher profit margins for you.
  • Indoor Banners - Is there a particular product or display that you would like to draw your consumer's attention to? You can effectively attract people to different areas of your store by utilizing bold banners with compelling calls-to action. Indoor banners can also be used to indicate where sale or clearance items are located, and can easily be moved around as promotional items change. You may also consider utilizing attractive banners to assist your customers in navigating around your business, with each banner acting as an indicator for every separate department. This will enhance your customer's experience within your store, resulting in a higher likelihood of purchase or referrals.
  • Table Banners - Does your business make the rounds at trade shows, craft events, and conventions? A table banner is a fantastic way of drawing attention to your company by converting your table into an advertisement. Eye-catching colors and designs as well as large print that is easy to read from a distance is ideal for pulling consumers to your display and making sales.
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